vi editor unit

Vi Editor

Various editors exist under unix. We will use the vi editor as it is the most simple one and as it gives you the most control about what’s happening.

Goals and outcome: Being able to edit files

After successful completion of this unit students will be able to:

  • edit files using the vi editor

Student tasks

  1. Read chapter 10 of this unix_book.
  2. Learn the commands in the quick editor guide by heart
  3. Download this file, upload it to your account on chinook and edit it using the vi editor as directed in the file. Download the edited file, convert it to a pdf and name it YourName_unit_vi_editor.pdf and submit it by email to using the unit name in the subject line. I will not grade submissions that fail to follow the outlined naming format, i.e. this means an F for the respective unit. It is just to cumbersome and a source for mismatches and errors when I have to rename the submissions of students.
  4. Take this quiz

Additional material (optional)

Basic vi editor commands

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