Unit schedule and firm due times

This schedule lists what will be covered by the class and applications, and which units has to be completed in which week. Note that it is your responsibility to keep up with the schedule!

Important information applicable to all units

I will not accept any late submissions unless approved in writing prior to the due date. Submitting the questionnaires, and application assignments in time (2359 AST on Thursdays) is essential for your grade.  If you fail to submit the assignments and questionnaires in time, you will get an F. Ask your adviser which software visualization package you are to learn. The choices are NCL, IDL, MatLab and Grads.

OIT problems

If you have technical problems or questions that are not related to the material check the FAQ first. If you have questions on the material, email your question and clearly describe what you did not understand and where you are struggling.

Unit due times

All units are due on Thursday at 2359 Alaska time of the respective week in the semester. Note in some weeks more than one unit may be due. It is recommended to first finish a unit before working on the next higher unit as material builds on each other.

Time in the semester Material covered Assigned units
Week 1 GRIB1, GRIB2 data Unit GRIB data
Week 2 UNIX/LINUX commands Unit UNIX/LINUX
Week 3 vi editor commands Unit vi editor
Weeks 4-6 Fortran 90/95 Unit Fortran
Week 7 netCDF Unit netCDF part 1
Week 8 netCDF Unit netCDF part 2
Weeks 9-10 Software visualization as assigned by your lab advisor/graduate student committee chair IDL



Weeks 11-14 Python Unit Python
Week 15 Review for final Review on your own terms. The upcoming office hour is your last chance for asking for clarification
Week 16 Finals Location and time TBA


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