screenshot of a netcdf file dump

netCDF unit part I

netcdf files

Today many atmospheric and related science data are distributed as netCDF files. There exist codes in all kind of programming languages to read, and write them. Many data archives use this format too. This unit serves to introduce the data structure and how to analyze it. Part II will introduce how to write netCDF files. The unit on NCL will cover for further use in context with programming and visualization software.

Student Learning Goal

After completion of this unit students

  • Can explain the structure of netCDF files,
  • Display them on screen to be able to read out/process data written in this format and

Student’s Tasks

  • Watch this video
  • Download and read this netcdf manual
  • Download this netCDF file and upload it to your RCS account
  • Make an ncdump and explain what kind of data are stored in the file in writing (not more than 0.5 page). Do not copy the meta data description! I am looking for your understanding what these metadata mean.
  • Submit your work named your_name_netcdf1.pdf by Thursday 2359 AKST to

Further resources

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