IDL unit

Introduction to IDL

This unit covers the Interactive Data Language (IDL), which is a programming language for data analysis and visualization. It is frequently applied in remote sensing, such as astronomy, atmospheric physics and medical imaging. Since it requires purchasing a licence, it is not widely used in a university setting. However, some advisers have a licensee for their lab. This unit assumes that you have access to IDL via your adviser’s license.

Goals and outcomes

After successful completion of this unit students will be able to

  • Modify existing IDL programs for their own research and to visualize data of various formats
  • Write their own IDL programs to visualize and analyze data
  • Process data in IDL

Student tasks

Watch these following videos

Further resources

IDL reference guide (Pdf)
GOES IDL user guide NASA
Learn IDL
IDL online help
Using IDL with Python
Reading netCDF or HDF with IDL

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